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Employee Satisfaction & Engagement Survey


Do you want your customers happy and loyal to your company?

Most employers know intuitively that collecting employee opinions through surveys can provide valuable insights for making business decisions. But few understand how to conduct a survey to maximize the direct impact on business performance.


Although the employee opinion survey has been around for decades, until recently it has been used primarily to gauge employee satisfaction and “engagement.” Advancements in quantification and measurement now make it possible to enhance this process by linking what employees say to what they actually do – and measuring the impact on business performance.


Triple Aplus provides the full range of employee opinion survey services offering – as much or as little support as you need. These services are supported by our best-in-class technology.


Our capabilities include: 

  • Issue definition  
  • Project management  
  • Employee opinion survey questionnaire design  
  • Management and employee communications  
  •  Online/web paper employee opinion survey administration  
  • Data processing and report generation  
  • Data analysis and interpretation  
  • Linkage of employee opinion survey data to business results  
  • Leadership briefings  
  • Employee feedback and feedback training
  • Action planning and action planning training  
  • Integration of your employee opinion surveys findings into ongoing human capital strategies and organizational change efforts

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