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Executive Search

Executive Search - Our Executive search is  the most appropriate choice of  filling positions for top level or highly specialised vacancies because we have the suitable talent as professional.  Triple Aplus will identify potential candidates and contact them directly.  This is often the best method of alerting high top executives who may not be reading job advertisements.  Triple Aplus Executive Search services are highly recommended because:

  • Right candidates are unlikely to consider themselves “on the market”
  • individuals with the desired qualities are usually not actively seeking relocation
  • advertising may not locate acceptable candidates which is a waste of time and money
  • minimal HR and management time involvement required.  Executive search cuts the time spent on interviewing undesirable candidates
  • job complexity is too great for advertisement
  • talent is identified in a competitor’s management team, but direct approach is inappropriate 
  • confidentiality is a major concern in the case of a new position which may effect an organisation structure or someone in the organisation 
  • Triple Aplus uses a direct approach in locating individuals who meet the position specification.  This process will normally yield several qualified candidates to compare and evaluate competitively against each other
  • should an appointee leave the company within the first four months, Triple Aplus will find a replacement without additional fees

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Triple Aplus Co., Ltd.

1/7 Siboonrueng 2 Bld. 5th Floor,Room507

Convent Road,Silom,

Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

By phone         Call us on 02 233 2291 , 01 834 7943

By fax/email    We may be contacted as follows:

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